What Surfaces Can a Brooklyn Pressure Washing Company Clean?

It’s no secret that New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It’s also one of the most densely-populated cities on the planet. Along with those who live and vacation here, those who commute to the city every day for work add to the congestion.

It’s easy to understand why so many are attracted to NYC. However, as is the case with any busy city, the exterior surfaces of your commercial or residential property can get dirty here relatively quickly.

Luckily, you don’t have to clean them on your own. Nor should you. Many of your exterior surfaces should instead be cleaned by experts. At NYC Power Wash, a pressure washing company serving both homeowners and commercial property owners in Brooklyn, our pros can clean a wide range of exterior surfaces.

You may be looking at your property and wondering if we can clean certain specific surfaces that have gotten unreasonably stained and dirty. Keep reading to learn how we can serve your needs!

Can a Brooklyn power washing company clean my…

...parking lot?

Absolutely. A qualified power washing company can efficiently and thoroughly remove debris and grime that has accumulated on your parking lot.

Keep in mind that a clean parking lot can play a surprisingly big role in your success if you’re a business owner. First, you must consider how curb appeal impacts the impression a business makes on potential customers. Even something as seemingly minor as a dirty parking lot could make passersby assume your overall business is dirty. As such, it’s unlikely they’ll become customers.

This is also a safety issue. When it rains, debris on your parking lot can get slippery. This increases the chances of slip and fall accidents occurring. Guard against this and keep your customers (and employees!) safe by contacting a power washing company to restore your parking lot.


Brick pavers can add subtle charm and beauty to any property. However, like most hard surfaces that are exposed to the elements, they can get dirty over time. 

They don’t need to stay dirty! Hire our power washing company in Brooklyn to give your pavers a thorough clean.


As a homeowner, you want all exterior surfaces of your property to look their best. This includes your driveway. Luckily, this is another surface you can hire our pros to clean for you.


In Brooklyn, cleaning your sidewalk regularly doesn’t just ensure the area around your property looks its best. NYC laws generally require that property owners clean a certain portion of the sidewalks outside their properties. We’ll do the job thoroughly to ensure you’re in full compliance with the law.

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Power Washing Company in Brooklyn

Not all power washing companies are equally reliable. If you don’t hire a company with a strong reputation, you might face a range of headaches. 

An unreliable company might not show up at the scheduled time. Or, its employees may not be qualified for their jobs. They might not clean your surfaces thoroughly, or worse, they might damage other surfaces on your property by being careless with where they point their power washing equipment.

That’s not something you need to worry about when you hire NYC Power Wash. We’ve earned numerous positive reviews from our clients because we prioritize delivering quality service. Call us today at (718) 772-4930 to learn more.


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