Pressure Washing in Brooklyn, NY: Your One-Stop-Shop for Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of your commercial or municipal property isn’t simply one individual task. There are various types of cleaning services you may need. They might include pressure washing hard surfaces, graffiti removal, building washing, and more.

Luckily, you don’t need to find a different company for each individual service. At NYC Power Wash, offering pressure washing for Brooklyn, NY commercial and municipal properties, you’ll find a one-stop-shop. Our team can help you ensure your property looks its best in a range of ways. They include:

Sanitization and Disinfection

Cleaning a property doesn’t need to merely involve improving its appearance. It’s also important to remember that a clean property offers health benefits. That’s particularly important to keep in mind during situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. You don’t want someone contracting a virus because they touched a surface on your property that was exposed to it.

That’s why we offer sanitization and disinfection services. We won’t simply make sure your property looks attractive. We’ll also make sure it’s safe.

Pressure Washing

Keeping surfaces like parking lots, drive thrus, and sidewalk areas clean is important for a number of reasons. Strong curb appeal will help a property attract more guests. A clean surface will guard against slip and fall accidents (that can otherwise occur due to algae buildup getting wet and slippery). Keeping these surfaces clean extends their lifespan. Additionally, if you own a restaurant in Brooklyn, you’re technically required to keep a certain amount of sidewalk space outside your restaurant clean. These are all reasons to schedule regular service with Brooklyn, NY’s pressure washing experts.

Building and Window Cleaning

It’s also important to keep a building’s exterior (and its windows) clean. Again, curb appeal plays a major role in attracting customers and guests to properties. For instance, if a tourist walked by your restaurant and saw the building appeared dirty, they would get the wrong impression, and pass you by, giving their business to one of your competitors. That’s much less likely to occur if your building and windows are clean.

It’s also worth noting that everyone should be doing their part to keep NYC looking as impressive as possible. You don’t want to cultivate a poor reputation throughout the community because you haven’t taken all steps to keep your municipal or commercial building clean.

Graffiti Cleaning

Most New Yorkers are incredible, dynamic people. That said, it’s unfortunate that some New Yorkers don’t respect others’ property.

Hopefully no one will ever vandalize your property by spray-painting graffiti on it. However, if this happens, you can contact Brooklyn, NY’s pressure washing and graffiti removal team to restore your property to its original appearance.

This isn’t a task you can handle on your own. Anyone who has ever tried to remove graffiti with water and a scrub brush knows that method isn’t going to yield results. Instead, you need to hire experts who have the right tools and experience for the job.

Brooklyn, NY’s Pressure Washing Experts Keep Municipal and Commercial Properties Clean

You also need to make sure you hire the right experts. You’ll find more than a few companies offering pressure washing service in Brooklyn. You can’t necessarily assume all of them will actually clean your property as thoroughly as you would like.

That’s a key reason to choose NYC Power Wash for your exterior cleaning needs. Along with offering a wide range of services, we have a spotless reputation (and numerous positive Google reviews to prove it). For more information about how we can help you keep your Brooklyn commercial or municipal property clean, call us today at 718-772-4930.


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