Dirty Sidewalk? Who Is Responsible?

Sidewalks are a vital part of any city. They make it possible for people to walk safely, whether they are commuting to work or just out running errands. But who is responsible for keeping them clean and tidy? In New York City, business owners are responsible for cleaning the sidewalks in front of their restaurants and storefronts. In this blog post, we will discuss the rules and regulations surrounding sidewalk cleaning in the city.

In New York City, the responsibility of cleaning the sidewalks in front of a business falls on the business owner. This means that it is your responsibility to not only clean the sidewalk but also the curb in front of your establishment. If you are caught neglecting this responsibility, you could be fined by the Department of Sanitation (DSNY).

The DSNY conducts sidewalk inspections at specific times depending on the type of property. For example, commercial properties are inspected during a designated period in the afternoon. If you fail a sidewalk inspection, you could also be fined.

Helping Businesses Keep Sidewalks Clean

While it is the responsibility of the business owners to clean the sidewalks, finding time to do so can be challenging. This is where professional help comes in. At NYC Power Wash, we are committed to providing the best solutions to your sidewalk cleaning needs. Our 5-star rated pressure washing team offers a specialized sidewalk power washing process to remove even the toughest dirt, grime, and chewing gum stains.

Besides, as a New York City business owner, you need to be concerned about the safety of your customers and staff on the sidewalk. Unclean sidewalks can be a dangerous slip and trip hazard. Litter can attract rodents and other pests, creating an unsanitary environment outside your business, leading to lower sales volume and unfavorable customer experience.

Clean Sidewalks Create A Positive Impression

Furthermore, dirty sidewalks can have a negative impact on the overall look and feel of your business. It could damage the reputation of your brand and send a message that you do not care about your establishment's appearance. Keeping your sidewalks clean is, therefore, an important part of maintaining a good image for your business and ensuring positive customer experience.

In conclusion, the responsibility of maintaining clean sidewalks falls on the business owners in New York City. While this could be a daunting task, professional help is available. At NYC Power Wash, we make it our priority to keep your sidewalks clean and safe. So if you are a business owner, don't hesitate to contact us for a fast and free estimate today. A clean sidewalk is not just a legal issue – it's a major part of your brand and your business.


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